What's it like to get Botox?

Most people are curious and sometimes even nervous about doing Botox for the first time. Once you understand how Botox works and learn about the proper steps, you''ll most likely end up feeling confident getting the treatment done. That's why our first recommendation tends to be Step 1. Do your homework...

1. Do your homework 

You should always start by researching the area or place you want to get your treatment at and look into reviews of people who have had the treatment done at the office you are considering. Many of our most satisfied patients tell us that using websites such as Yelp.com and similar sites, have helped them tremendously in making a final decision to come to our spa.

2. What's it like to get Botox?

Once you've done your homework and have decided to do the treatment, the next step is well...getting the treatment! A normal Botox treatment is a very simple procedure that mostly begins and ends with just the feeling of a small prick in the designated area.  

3. Is there a long recovery process after treatment?

For the most part, it's typical to experience very mild redness, bruising, or swelling on the same day. However, most of this resolves itself fairly quickly, some patients redness going away in only a couple of hours.  

4. Do Botox Results Vary?

Results are always going to be a little different depending on who you go to, the amount of botox and also the area of injection. Overall, when done with precision and good technique, you should witness a younger more vivacious look in just a few days after treatment. 

5. How long does Botox last? 

How long Botox lasts is subject to variation depending on the individual. It also depends on which areas are treated, and the number of units that were injected.  Despite that, it's safe to say that an average range for the longevity of Botox treatments is between three-and six months..

6. How much does Botox cost? 

Overall, Botox has become very affordable this day an age, some spas still tend to charge a couple hundred dollars per treatment but most medical spa and doctors start Botox for as little as $15-20 per unit. For example, we offer Botox HERE for only $12 per unit.

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