How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal


Whether you're deciding to get Laser Hair Removal here in Fremont or anywhere else, you are making the right choice. Laser Hair Treatment is about to the best thing you can do for yourself to avoid a lifetime of shaving with razors and  dealing with that prickly feeling beneath your arms and legs when the hair starts to grow back. 

How The Laser Works:

The laser light converts to heat as it first passes through the skin, then the heat is absorbed by the individual hair's dark pigment otherwise known as melanin, in the follicle. This heat is absorbed by the follicle and as a result, damages it so that it can no longer grow hair. Simply put, It is a cosmetic laser that kills the follicle at its root and is specifically designed to not hurt or damage your skin in the process. 

Preparing for Laser Hair Treatment: 

The first recommendation is to try to stay out of the sun before your appointment for at least four weeks prior to your appointment. This is because you can't get the treatment if you end up tan or sunburned, including tanning beds and tanning lotion. 

Next, you want to make sure that you shave the area you are getting the laser for, preferably the day before your appointment, otherwise you won't be able to get the treatment and most likely have to end up shaving at the spa. 

Going In For The Treatment:

When you first sit down to do the treatment, your physician will start by testing a patch of your skin to make sure the laser will work on your skin tone, in rare cases you can have discoloration or pigment changes if the laser isn't corrected for your skin tone. 

Next your Physician should provide you with a set of goggles if you are getting treatment done on the face near the eyes or mouth. This is to protect your eyes from the possibility of laser damage. 

After you've been tested and have your goggles on, you will be ready to go and should expect the procedure to take around 30 minutes to an hour max. For the most part, small areas such as bikini lines and under-ams tend to be a little quicker.

Post-Treatment Tips:

You should put on lots of sunscreen after the treatment because your skin will temporarily be more sensitive to sun-rays. Most spas will usually provide a few take home samples of recommended sunscreens.  For the same reasons, it is also advised to avoid hot showers and perfume for 24-48 hours after treatment. 

Results - What To Expect:

Most patients see results after around four sessions, however individuals who see the best results usually end up going in ever four to six weeks for up to six treatments or more. 

For more questions or concerns regarding Laser Hair Treatment in Fremont you can contact one of our physicians by visiting our CONTACT page or booking a consultation on our BOOK NOW page.